Marius by Michel CHAPOUTIER

Short tales

Imagine, Paris, 1889

« Marius found the young woman’s light snoring to be extremely sexy. She seemed to be lost in her dreams like a princess in her tower back in medieval times, a far cry from this summer of 1889; her sleep betrayed the pleasure that she had just experienced and Marius felt a certain masculine pride in this. Slight shards of light penetrated the shutters and were deflected upon the ceiling of the hotel room. This modest lighting allowed Marius to hastily find his clothes, and un-hastily to appreciate the naked body of the young woman whose name he had forgotten to ask. This was Paris at the time of the “Exposition Universelle”, these were festive, carefree times. She was curled up on her side, not unlike a hunting dog at the ready. The sheets covered only the bottom half of her legs. Her body was of a perfect, porcelain white colour, emblematic of these voluptuous women who make love with a smile and for a long time. Her round buttocks carved out her lower back. Her mouth was slightly open. Her breathing swelled her slightly round tummy and her generous bust with large nipples. Marius was hungry.
It had only been a few months since his eighteenth birthday and he already had numerous amorous conquests under his belt. His athletic build, apparent beneath his undershirt, and his confident patter certainly helped build his list of conquests. He was well aware that he was in his prime and so were the girls of Tain and the surrounding areas. Unknown to his mother, his reputation of being “insatiable” was already well established. But in Paris, it was a first for him... »

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